Steve Carlyson is main protagonist of Carlyson Brothers

Biography Edit

at 12 years old ,Steve is both middle child , and only son younger on family he is second man in your family the first is Lonnie He attends the 7th grade at Hodman Middle School

Personality Edit

Steve is good-hearted and one cool boy , he is responsable in your job that is being babysitter of your little and younger brother baby Jason , your good side is lovely , in your family he is focused it's kind of dramatic sometimes he is lazy and noisy referring to your favorite things

Appearance Edit

Steve is skinny ,brown hair , type blue blouse ,wtih details taht is collar ,brown small shorts , socks that covers your legs ,and slippers that brown

Trivia Edit

  • your middle name is Jeremy , name of your father his middle name was given by his father and his mother when he was born
  • your life is almost based in life of Lincoln Loud
  • he is amster of bike , and good on kung fu
  • he is babysitter of your brother Jason
  • he is right handed
  • he born in spring (possibly)
  • he loves boys things as bikes , burp ,videogames ,comics and others things
  • he is second man in your family
  • your crush is your friend Gina
  • he known jump , and kick
  • he is 7th grade student
  • he turns 13 year old in end of episode of season 1 in Happy Birthday Steve
  • your best friend is Vince since childhood , and too neightbor
  • he is 13 years old now